How to Send Money From India to Philippines – Complete Guide

Send Money From India to Philippines

The Philippines is an attractive country to live in and one of the most significant hubs for Indian students to pursue their higher studies. However, it can be a little challenging for Indian students to manage their stay in this country. Cultural and currency differences are two significant aspects that need to be sorted out within time. Specifically, it is essential to know about international money transfers if you are planning to study abroad. Here in this specific blog, we have mentioned several ways to send money from India to Philippines.

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Best Way to Send Money from India to Philippines

When we talk about the options available for money transfer, we can not forget the role of Hiwipay. They can assist you in send money from India to Philippines. They not only assist you better but also provide you with the best available and latest currency rates. Hiwipay also handles your remittance requirements along with travel and tuition fees. Follow these steps to get started with us today:

  • Let us know your remittance requirements, and we will provide you with the available remittance rates. 
  • The next step is to check the rates, and you can place your money transfer order with us. 
  • You can send your KYC documents through email, and your money transfer process will be executed and credited to your account within 48 hours. 


Methods of Sending Money to the Philippines from India

In this section, we have mentioned some of the essential options for send money from India to Philippines. However, these methods are completely dependent on the purpose for which you are transferring the money, how urgent it is, and to whom you are transferring. 

1. Bank Draft:

A bank draft from various banks is also an essential way to transfer money from India to the Philippines. However, this process can take more than a week. So ideally, you can choose this option if there is no urgency to send or receive money. However, the most important thing about this option is that you have to physically go to the bank and complete the documentation process by yourself. 

2. International Money Transfer:

This is one of the other options available in India for sending money to the Philippines. You can deposit the money orders through a bank, and they can be received by the receiver in a specific country. It is considered one of the cheapest and safest ways of sending money from India to any country. 

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3. Online Money Transfer:

Online money transfer has become one of the easiest and quickest ways to transfer money these days. However, transferring money from India to any other country requires detailed bank account information, IBAN or SWIFT code, and other information regarding the receiver’s bank account. And yes, of course, this method requires you to pay higher interest rates and platform charges. 

4. Online Wire Transfer:

In the money transfer business, online wire transfer is the latest method that offers lower charges for making an international money transfer from India to other countries. Believe it or not, there are several financial institutions that can be used to transfer money from India. It includes Western Union, Book My Forex, authorized banks, and authorized money exchangers. It is one of the cheapest ways, but it takes longer than other available methods. 

Factors to Consider When Doing International Money Transfer

When transferring money from India to another country, it is essential to consider some of the factors before implementing the transfer. 

1. Transfer Speed:

Transfer speed should be considered before transferring money. If the receiver urgently needs money, you must consider a faster money transfer provider such as Hiwipay. You must avoid wire transfers and online apps as it takes long hours to transfer money from India to other countries. 

2. Exchange Rates:

It is evident that when you transfer money from one country to another, you convert your currency into other currencies. So this whole procedure comes with a definite charge when you use money transfer services. So, it is essential that whenever you choose any service, you must analyze their exchange rates. You must keep in mind that exchange rates are never the same for all service providers, and that’s why it is crucial to analyze the money exchange rates first. 

3. Transaction Limit:

According to the RBI guidelines, there is no limit to the amount you want to send outside India. However, it totally depends upon the bank or fintech companies from which you are taking services. They might have transactional limits. Apart from this, it also varies in the case of taking SWIFT or non-SWIFT payment options. Hence, it is also one of the most important factors that should be considered before transferring money from India to Phillippines. 



In conclusion, there are certain ways to send money from India to Philippines. However, the transfer totally depends upon the requirements and urgency. According to the requirements, one should choose suitable ways to transfer money from India to any other country. 

FAQ of Send Money From India to Philippines

How much does it cost to send money to Philippines?

The cost of transferring money from India to Philippines totally depends upon the method you are using. Each money-transferring method has a different cost, so it is essential that you must analyze the cost of the different methods first.

How long does the money transfer take?

Again, it totally depends upon the service you take to transfer money. Some services take a week time while some can take more than 72hrs. But if you have an urgent requirement to send money, it can be beneficial to take Hiwipay services. With Hiwipay, you can send money outside the country within 24-28 hrs.

How much money can I send to the Philippines?

You can send as much money as possible depending upon the transactional limit of your money transfer services. With Hiwipay, you can send as much money as you require with extra money exchange charges.

Can I send money via mobile?

Yes, you can send money via mobile if you are transferring the amount online.

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