Banking for Scholars

With HiWiPay, say goodbye to the long bank queues, paperwork hassles, and high markup fees. Transfer your money safely by completing the KYC ONCE and digitally submitting the A2 Form. No need to fill everything again and again.

The cherry on top? You can do it from ANYWHERE, ANYTIME!

Recipient Gets
You Pay
Bank Fees
Transaction Fees
₹1000 ₹0
(includes Bank Fees & FCCT )
TCS will be calculated at final step
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Get Education Loan

Forget about endless loan applications and confusing terms. Our streamlined process collects basic student and course details to match you with the best-suited provider, saving you time and money.

Simplify Your
Journey Abroad

Join the thousands of students worldwide who trust us to power their journeys. Don’t just survive, thrive!

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Faster Remittances

We provide a 48-hour window for the funds to reach the beneficiary account. However, most of our transfers take place within 24 hours.

Simplify Remittance: No More Tedious Forms and KYC Hassles

Forget tedious paperwork! HiWiPay simplifies remittance by eliminating the need for physical LRS/A2 forms, repetitive transactions filling, and physical copies of KYC. Set up your account once and enjoy seamless remittance without the hassle of repetitive paperwork.

Saving Thousands for Students: Transparent and Cost-Effective

Experience a fully digital international payment process from completing A2 forms, submitting KYC details, to declaring LRS all without the need for any physical documentation.

“HiWiPay is a cross border remittance platform which process all remittances through RBI-authorised partners. We also secure transfers with SWIFT APIs and use Azure Blob Service to store all our documents in encrypted format.”