24 Hours, Not Days: Seamless Money Transfers Abroad

Send money within 24 hours and ditch the paperwork with HiWiPay.

Recipient Gets
You Pay
Bank Fees
Transaction Fees
₹1000 ₹0
(includes Bank Fees & FCCT )
TCS will be calculated at final step
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How It Works?

Complete Student KYC

Enter your foreign currency amount and fill out the student details using the student KYC. Then, fill out the beneficiary account details.

Select where you want to send the money

The second step is to fill out the beneficiary's details, including the beneficiary's KYC. Then, you must confirm the details.

Select who is going to send the money

Next, fill out the sender's details, including the sender's KYC. Then, you must confirm the details.

Make the transfer

Finally, digitally sign the A2 form and confirm the final amount in INR, including TCS, to generate the challan. Make a payment to the mentioned bank account via physical payment to your own bank or net banking.