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Send money within 24 hours and ditch the paperwork with HiWiPay.

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Earn more income with HiWiPay’s FREE EduCon Portal, designed to simplify student data management and payments.

Swift Remittance:24-Hour Advantage

Experience the speed of HiWiPay! We pride ourselves on providing remittance within 24 hours, leaving competitors in the dust. While others take 4-6 working days, HiWiPay ensures your funds reach the university bank account swiftly.

Earn More with Zero Effort: Onboard Students on the EduCon Portal

Forget about creating Excel sheets to keep track of the students and running to make payments on their behalf. Use our FREE-of-charge EduCon portal from the comfort of your office to manage student data and make payments!

Continuous Commission: Effortless Rewards, Even Abroad

Imagine earning commission effortlessly! With HiWiPay, you continue to receive commissions even after the student has left the country. Unlike other forex providers, our unique system rewards you not just at the time of payment but throughout the student’s academic journey.

Digital Payment Experience

Track & view all commissions collected in one centralized platform, making financial tracking effortless

Set Payment Reminders

Never miss a fee payment with our integrated reminder system across platforms (email/WhatsApp/SMS)

“HiWiPay is a cross border remittance platform which process all remittances through RBI-authorised partners. We also secure transfers with SWIFT APIs and use Azure Blob Service to store all our documents in encrypted format.”

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Set Payment Reminders

Forget scrambling to remember deadlines. HiWiPay’s built-in reminder system across email, WhatsApp, and SMS will remind you before fees approach, keeping you stress-free and on top of things.

Commission Management

Keep tabs on your commissions with ease thanks to HiWiPay’s centralised platform. No more spreadsheets or messy calculations, just effortless financial tracking at your fingertips.

Digital Payment Experience

Ditch the stacks of paperwork! With HiWiPay, you can experience a fully digital international payment process, from filling out A2 forms to submitting KYC details. It’s fast and secure!

Generate e-Challan online and pay at the nearest branch.

Enjoy the best of both worlds! Generate your e-challan online for competitive FX rates, then finalise your payment offline at your chosen branch. It is the perfect mix of convenience and affordability.

Seamless KYC and A2 form Completion

No more hunting for forms or filling them out twice. Complete KYC and A2 forms seamlessly without leaving the platform, freeing up your time for more important things.

Pay Your Way

Whether you prefer online bank transfers or payment gateways, HiWiPay offers flexible options to fit your needs. Choose the method that you feel comfortable with!

Experience The Difference & Earn More

Join the growing number of consultants who trust HiWiPay’s free EduCon Portal, designed to simplify student data management and payments.

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